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    GP 33 series are high capacity highly reliable 3 phases in three phase output online double conversion ups. These units are available and stocked in 15 Kva to 60 KVA all over the world for quick delivery. Higher or special needs can be made to order capacity up to 400 KVA Three phase delta or Y configurations or combination of input delta and out put Y for isolation. 

    Typical production time and delivery to most countries is with-in 8 weeks. All UPO33 series units share some extraordinary characteristics as part of their design. Isolated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) for true isolation from ac input, multi redundant CPU design for unsurpassed reliability, advanced constant pure sine wave control for with maximum of 1-3% THD. The Slick Multi-Protocol CPU communication allow for local or remote monitoring of multiple Operating systems. 

      Field of application

    Suitable for all electrical equipments, especially for the key equipment, such as communication systems and computer networks, for electric power demanding environment of equipment it offer more flexible, reliable power supply.

      Performance characteristics

    Complete with preventative auto analysis firmware and software. Highest redundancy and scalability of up to 8 units that ensures growth and redundancy for all your most of critical of applications.

    Intelligent battery test:
    The batteries are tested after every boost (initiated by battery discharge or by the monthly boost charge cycle). This is done with out interrupting the operation of the rectifier, preventing the risk of output AC failure in case of a bad battery. The user is informed of the battery condition, so that action can taken to correct the situation. This is critical to maintaining a true 24/7 operation.

    EMI suppression:
    An EMI filter is added to meet the international EMC limits. Therefore, very low noise is emitted, and no interference is supplied to other equipment connected to the same AC source.

    True Galvanic isolation:
    An isolation transformer is placed at the output. This can solve the problem of poor input grounding, can allow a different ground between input and output, can avoid the annoying problem of ground leakage current, and can be tied to any potential provided on site. The AC output is isolated under every mode of operation. Additionally, the user gets the bonus of attenuation of common mode noise from the output isolation transformer.

    Multi-CPU design:
    Several CPUs are employed in the control circuit, and critical functions are designed with parallel redundancy to improve reliability. Therefore, in case of one CPU failure, the other CPUs keep the UPS operational, and the output AC is not affected.

    Intelligent charger:
    The UPS will automatically recharge (boost charge) the batteries every time the batteries are depleted to a voltage level equal to 2V/Cell. Thus, the batteries can be restored to full capacity as soon as possible, and made ready for the next back-up requirement. In order to keep the batteries in the best condition, the UPS will boost charge the batteries for several hours (selectable) automatically every month. To avoid over charging the batteries, boost charge will stop when the ambient temperature is over 35oC (95oF).the full capacity of the batteries is needed.

    MTBF of fans are extended:
    Fans used to cool the UPS, are designed to slow down under light load, so that the life expectancy of the fans is extended beyond the normal.

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